Top 10 exercise to strengthen your back

Top 10 exercise to strengthen your back

Exercises always allow you to enjoy so many benefits if you do the exercise regularly you can avoid several health related issues. Exercise can also help you to get relief from body pain. Most of this generation people are experiencing severe back pain due to work stresses or irregular positions during sleep. To help those people here are the top 10 exercises to strengthen the lower back look below.


It is an amazing exercise method to get relief from back pain. The bridges work with your back muscles that are gluteus maximus, when you do this exercise routine you can make your lower muscles strong.


When you don’t want or could not strain you can just do the stretches, through the stretch your lower back elongate and helps you through relieving the muscle tension and pain.

Knee to chest stretches

It is very simple to do the knee to chest stretches that can help you in elongating the lower back muscles. Hold the knee over your chest at least for 5 seconds to get better results.


Hip rotational stretches

Everyone has an idea about this exercise and it is one of those easy exercises to get relief from back pain. It also helps you in reducing your hip muscles.

Pelvic tilt

Pelvic is one of the regions where muscles deposit and this is the region most of them get to experience the pain. It can release your tight back muscles and help you keep flexible.

Lying leg lift

This exercise can support your pelvis and reduce the strain on the back. To keep you back enough strong you can try this exercise.

Cat stretches

The cat stretches are a very easier exercise to do and this can help you by lengthen the back and makes your back stronger.

superman posture

Superman posture

To maintain good posture you can try the superman pose and this exercise makes muscles run along either side of your spine.

Seated stretches

The seated lower back rotational stretch helps you in getting relief from the lower back pain and that also helps you by strengthening your back.

Partial curls

The weak abdominals can affect your lower back remember it and to maintain the abdominal balance you can try the partial curls.

Final thoughts

If you are searching for working out for back pain above mentioned exercise can help you, so try and get benefited.