Long hairstyle ideas for runners

Long hairstyle ideas for runners

If you are participating in any kind of running race like a marathon there your full concentration should be on the roads not on your clothing or hair falling on your face. There are so many ways to style your hair, but when it comes to long hair hairstyles for run, you have to be very careful while picking them. The list of hairstyles still a lot but your comforts matters a lot than a hairstyle. In this case, pick the one who makes you feel comfortable while you are running.

Few of the running long hair hairstyles are mentioned below look at them and pick the one that makes you comfortable;


The ponytail is one of those favorite hairstyles for girls, it may be short or long hair girls like to wear this hairstyle. The time for wearing the ponytail takes only a few minutes but it surely makes you comfortable while you are running. Just gather your hair together and a little high and hold them with the hairband. In case, if you have too many short hairs in front there you can wear the headband additionally to avoid hair falling on your face.


Like the ponytail braids also a very common hairstyle that girls have. When you are getting ready for running you can wear the braids, there are variations in the braids based on your wish you can pick anyone among those braids varieties.

running raceUpdos

Updo is a perfect option for athletes and runners, you can gather your hair at top of your head, twist them and roll them to hold the hair you can make use of bobby pins or small elastic bands. But ensure it won’t get loose or come out of the hairband to avoid the disturbance while running.

Final words

You can wear long hair when running through any of these hairstyles but still there are some other hairstyles, which make comfortable get to know of it also.